What Clients Are Saying

Hans and his team at Pantheon Developments supervised our townhouse development, keeping within the budget and timeframe. His calm demeanour, depth of experience and clear accounting procedures helped us get through a complex project.

We highly recommend him.

Norah Johnson
Jerry Prussin
Valdes Holdings Ltd.

Being on the ground floor working with contractors, developers, and the users of these homes, I hear the real issues if there are any, and since I market primarily brand new multi-family developments, I have been very fortunate to have marketed at least five developments since 2003 which Pantheon Developments (Hans von Tiesenhausen) has built, and in every situation, the developers along with over 80 end users have expressed complete satisfaction. I now highly recommend any developer to consider using Pantheon Developments if I can, because consumer satisfaction is invaluable.

Ken Chong, Macdonald Realty (Kerrisdale)

My business relationship with Pantheon goes back to 2002. Over the years, I have truly appreciated his diligent attention to detail in the construction process as well as his expertise in weighing the cost/benefit trade-offs throughout the design process. Most important of all, I value Hans’ honesty and integrity in everything he does. This corporate culture is clearly reflected in the way he runs his company and hires his staff.

Eric Fefer, Jericho West Developments